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Andrew Yang Drops Out Of Presidential Race

On Tuesday, Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang announced his withdrawal from the presidential race after early results from the New Hampshire primary showed disappointing results for his campaign.

 “I’m a numbers guy and if we are below a threshold where we are going to get delegates here in New Hampshire, if we are unlikely to hit that threshold in Nevada and South Carolina, it doesn’t seem like we are actually furthering the goals of the campaign by staying in the race longer,” Yang told The Daily Beast in an interview Tuesday night. “I’m not someone who wants to take people’s donations, support, time and dedication if I don’t think we have a chance to win or advance our goals in the right direction.”

Despite Yang’s claims, he continued to “take people’s donations, support, time and dedication” as the self-described “numbers guy” consistently hovered around a 3% polling average.

Yang also said he had not decided if he would endorse another candidate, but “If I become persuaded that there’s a particular candidate that gives us a superior chance of beating Donald Trump, and I think it’s important to make that opinion known, then I would consider it for sure.”

Andrew Yang also thanked his supporters on Twitter, writing: “I am so proud of this campaign. Thank you to everyone who got us here.”