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‘Apologies are not enough’ — Eric Trump says he will sue MSNBC over Lawrence O’Donnell report

MSNBC should fire Lawrence O’Donnell. In his zealous efforts to attack Trump, O’Donnell violated one of the most basic yet sacred tenets of journalism in verifying his sources and his story. In a rush to judgment in an effort to smear Trump with very serious allegations about Russian financial ties, O’Donnell lost any ounce of journalistic integrity that he possessed.

O’Donnell is a very experienced journalist not fresh out of journalism school. He knows that he should not have done this but he got caught and hence an apology and retraction. MSNBC should fire him if not suspend him at a minimum for commission of such fatal errors.

Absolutely, the Trumps should move forward with legal action. Journalists, especially those that hate Trump need to be constantly reminded to verify the integrity of their sources and stories and litigation will hold them to this standard.