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Author: Manny Alicandro

The Epstein-MIT Connection

The connection between Epstein and MIT continues to be troubling. Usually, where there is smoke there is fire. Unfortunately, it appears that there is much more to the Epstein-MIT story than we know. Obviously, there are many questions that need to get answered by MIT.

Epstein Team Not Ruling Out Hanging To Cover Up Murder

The Jeffrey Epstein story continues to go on and on. Clearly, AG Barr and the IG are going to conduct investigations. But the true pressures need to come from the public demanding answers. Litigation by the victims continues to move forward against the over $500

Joaquin Castro’s Doxxing of Trump Donors

Besides being completely stupid and unethical was meant to chill our 1st Amendment Rights. Justice Thomas summed up this issued well: Justice Thomas opining in the landmark political speech-affirming 2010 case of Citizens United v. FEC (internal citations omitted): “Disclaimer and disclosure requirements enable private

SoulCycle Owner Faces Boycotts over Trump Fundraiser

You know things have gotten really bad when someone who is successful and influential in our society gets a ton a backlash for throwing a fundraiser for President Trump. The news came out on August 7, 2019, that billionaire Stephen Ross is throwing a fundraiser