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Biden Says It’s ‘Bizarre’ To Suggest A Limit On Immigration

On Tuesday evening, former Vice President Joe Biden told his supporters it was “bizarre” to suggest a limit on immigration to the U.S.

“Folks, look — the idea that there’s some limitation on the capacity of anyone who — on the immigrants in this country is absolutely bizarre! It’s absolutely bizarre.” Biden said.

Biden presumably believes that it is “absolutely bizarre” to suggest that the United States would struggle to accept the immigration of the entire 7.8 billion people living on Earth, which is an absolutely bizarre claim to make.

Biden has also opposed President Trump’s proposed merit-based legal immigration system, and Biden promised, if elected, to allow family reunification visas.

“We should be able to increase, to three million people, the people who could come for family reunification. Period, period, period, period.” Biden said.

Biden was Vice President for an administration that oversaw the deportation of 3 million illegal immigrants, but has recently been disavowing and denying his political history on immigration. Just a few days ago, Biden called deportations during his tenure a “big mistake.” Additionally, In the Houston debate, Biden falsely stated “we didn’t lock people in cages,” which he was confronted about in an interview with journalist Jorge Ramos.