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Dishonest Elizabeth Warren Pushing For Laws To Fight Disinformation

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has released her plan to combat “digital disinformation,” which promises to “push for news laws that impose tough civil and criminal penalties” for spreading false information about U.S. elections.

“Disinformation erodes our democracy, and Democrats must have a plan to address it. Donald Trump has welcomed foreign interference in our elections, inviting interference from a host of countries that have an interest in the outcome, including Iran and China.” Warren wrote about the plan.

She explained that, “It’s not enough to make vague statements condemning fraudulent attacks on opponents or efforts to suppress the vote — while also reaping the benefits of those attacks on democracy. Campaigns need to make clear that disinformation has no place in our campaigns, and that we will disavow supporters who embrace it and act quickly to stop its spread.”

Ironically, Elizabeth Warren is notoriously dishonest and would likely be in violation of her own proposed laws. For example, as The Daily Wire reported, Warren ”lied about being an American Indian, lied when she promised to serve her full Senate term if reelected in 2018, lied when she said her children attended public schools, lied when she said her father worked as a janitor, lied when she said she was fired for being “visibly pregnant.””