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Epstein Team Not Ruling Out Hanging To Cover Up Murder

The Jeffrey Epstein story continues to go on and on. Clearly, AG Barr and the IG are going to conduct investigations. But the true pressures need to come from the public demanding answers. Litigation by the victims continues to move forward against the over $500 million Epstein estate.

Further, SDNY USA Berman has stated that he will continue moving forward with the conspiracy charges. Remember that Epstein was charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy so the conspiracy charges will continue. What is most interesting about this case is how did the Metropolitan Correction Center commit such gross errors.

Don’t forget that El Chapo was held in the same facility without issue. To me, this is a clear example of the Deep State at work. Why was there and still is so much interest in Epstein? Clearly, he knew too much about the highest level individuals.

The question remains what did he know and why so many didn’t want him to speak about them…