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FBI Might Not Need Apple To Open Terrorist’s iPhones

A new report from Wired states that the Trump administration might not need Apple to access the Pensacola terrorist’s iPhones, claiming that there are third-party options with the ability to hack into the devices.

As previously reported, “On Monday, U.S. Attorney General William Barr told reporters that Apple needs to help investigators access Apple phones that were used by the Saudi soldier who killed three Americans in December at Pensacola Naval base.”

Since the terror attack on the Pensacola Naval base, investigators have wanted help in accessing the iPhones. Apple has reportedly turned over iCloud data and other information, but has refused to unlock the iPhones for the FBI. If Apple continues to refuse to unlock the devices, a third-party company like Cellebrite could potentially hack into the phones instead.

Wired writes that “Just last summer, Cellebrite publicly claimed that its tools could unlock any iOS device up to those running iOS 12.3, the current version at the time. A few months later, researchers discovered additional hardware flaws that provide even more options for cracking any iOS device released between 2011 and 2017. That applies to both of the Pensacola shooter’s phones, an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 7 Plus.”