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Ted Cruz: China Must Face ‘Consequences’ For Coronavirus

In a Fox News interview on Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said that “the United States” and “the world community” need to “insist on accountability and consequences for China’s responsibility” in causing the coronavirus crisis, including allegedly silencing whistleblowers and providing false information to the international community.

“There needs to be accountability. Look, first we have to defeat this crisis,” Cruz said. “But afterwards, there needs to be a careful accountability as to the communist government in China’s responsibility, both for covering it up and suppressing it, that we know, and also whether the communist government played an inadvertent part in the outbreak itself.”

“There were two State Department cables that you referenced that occurred early on that described two different labs in Wuhan, within miles where the outbreak occurred that were studying bat coronaviruses, and the Chinese government does not want to answer questions about whether they were studying the novel coronavirus and whether it was an accidental escape from their own labs,” Cruz continued. “There needs to be real accountability because the State Department was worried about the threat of a pandemic from these labs before the pandemic occurred and China. That may be part of the cover-up, they don’t want to answer basic questions.”

Cruz added, “I think the United States, I think the world community, needs to insist on accountability and consequences for China’s responsibility here.”