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Trump Campaign Files Libel Lawsuit Against Washington Post

On Tuesday, President Trump’s re-election campaign filed a libel lawsuit against the Washington Post for “millions of dollars,” for publishing “false and defamatory statements” about an alleged conspiracy with Russia.

The complaint, first obtained by Fox News, was filed in the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C. by attorneys David C. Tobin and Charles J. Harder. The complaint specifically points to two Washington Post articles that were published in June 2019 and contain statements linking the Trump campaign to foreign interference.

“The statements were and are 100 percent false and defamatory. The complaint alleges The Post was aware of the falsity at the time it published them, but did so for the intentional purpose of hurting the campaign while misleading its own readers in the process.” Jenna Ellis, senior legal adviser to Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. said.

The complaint highlighted Greg Sargent’s June 13, 2019, “Trump just invited another Russian attack. Mitch McConnell is making one more likely,” and claimed it contained the defamatory statement that Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded that Trump’s campaign “tried to conspire with” Russia’s “sweeping and systematic” attack during the 2016 election. The complaint stated the remark was “false and defamatory.”

The complaint said, “The Mueller Report concluded there was no conspiracy between the Campaign and the Russian government, and no United States person intentionally coordinated with Russia’s efforts to interfere with the 2016 election.”

A second article by Paul Waldman from June 20, 2019, was also called into question in the complaint. The article, titled, “Trump: I can win reelection with just my base,” stated, “Who knows what sort of aid Russia and North Korea will give to the Trump campaign, now that he has invited them to offer their assistance?”

The campaign’s complaint also acknowledged that the statement made in the June 20 article was also “false and defamatory,” adding there “has never been any statement by anyone associated with the Campaign or the administration ‘inviting’ Russia or North Korea to assist the campaign in 2019 or beyond.”